Saskatchewan Insurance Exam

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The General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (GICS) sets standards for applicants and licensees in the insurance industry that promote professionalism, competence and integrity. The GICS also serves as a link between the insurance industry and the consumers of insurance products and services.

The General Insurance Council Bylaws require all applicants for a Restricted Travel Insurance Licence to pass the provincial travel insurance Qualifying Exam prior to applying for a licence.  The Qualifying Exam will test the applicant’s knowledge of travel insurance, insurance industry and the applicant’s role in selling travel insurance.

In addition to the Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Exam, Saskatchewan residents must write the Travel Bylaw Exam. The Travel Bylaw Exam will primarily focus on the obligations and conduct of a licensed agent or salesperson. 

The Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Course and Exam

The General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan had contracted the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC), the industry’s educational trade association, to develop a course of study for those who wish to obtain a Restricted Travel Insurance Licence.

The course of study explains details about travel insurance and assists the applicant to better understand the insurance industry and their role in selling travel insurance.

The course includes the following information:

  • an explanation of the need for travel insurance
  • how the travel insurance industry is structured in Canada
  • the types of distribution models
  • the people, the key elements and the classes of insurance
  • travel insurance products
  • the regulatory bodies for insurance
  • the selling of travel insurance products
  • policies, services and claims
  • terminology and resources for insurance

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